Research Lines

Agile Governance


We are interested to deepen inquiry on how teams can develop dynamic capabilities related to agile/lean approaches and governance skills to respond to change faster than the rate of changes in their environments, in a coordinated and sustainable way.


  • Agile and Lean Methods

  • Agile Architecture

  • Agile and Lean Enterprise

  • Information Systems

  • Business Process Governance

  • Agile Governance Theory

Agile Enterprise: Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Industry 4.0


We are interested in investigating and a better understanding of how sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship phenomena occur within organizations, through the convergence of institutional strategy, the transformations boosted by technology and its consequences. In particular, we will seek to investigate these phenomena in productive arrangements and models that can integrate organizations with emerging technologies and businesses (startups), in the creation of new products/services.


  • Startups

  • Innovation Management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Technology and Digital Transformation

  • Industry 4.0

Game Based Learning: Serious Games, Active Learning, Game Theory, Fun Theory, Gamification


We are interested to deepen inquiry on how teams can develop positive attitudes and engagement to respond to change faster than the rate of changes in their environments. This research topic proposes to create ludic instruments for practicing and monitoring governance and management, through the application of elements from Agile Governance, Game Theory, Fun Theory, Serious Games, Gamification and other areas, concerning to the establishment of a more efficient, sustainable, competitive and transparent organizations.


  • Active Learning

  • Serious Games

  • Agile Governance

  • Game Theory

  • Fun Theory

  • Gamification

Global Software Engineering


Successfully orchestrating Global Software Engineering (GSE) has become the major success factor both for organizations and practitioners. We are interested in understanding how professional software products and IT systems and services today are developed mostly by globally distributed teams, projects, and companies.


  • Global Software Engineering

  • Cultural Differences

  • Uncertainty Management

  • Reflecting, adapting and learning

Information Systems


We are interested in examines development at the interface of information systems and information technology, seeking a multidisciplinary approach drawing from computer science, telecommunications, operations research, economics, and cognitive sciences, and industrial development.


  • Enterprise modeling and integration

  • Object/web technologies

  • Information economics

  • IT integrated manufacturing

  • Medical Informatics

  • Mobile Computing & Electronic commerce