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Luna, A. J. H. de O., Kruchten, P., Pedrosa, M. L. G. E., Almeida Neto, H. R. de, & Moura, H. P. de. (2014). State of the Art of Agile Governance: A Systematic Review. International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT), 6(5), 121–141. doi:10.5121/ijcsit.2014.6510. Available at:

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Protocol for a Systematic Literature Review about state of the art of Agile Governance


This document describes the protocol for carry out a Systematic Literature Review about the state of art of Agile Governance. This systematic review can be considered a “mapping” in order to evaluate, synthetize, and present concrete evidences on agile governance to date, and give an overview of topics researched, characterizing what is agile governance. Moreover, this review shall be relevant to practitioners and scholars that handle with agile governance to share a common comprehension of the challenges that have to be faced when studying the effectiveness of agile capabilities on governance issues. This research protocol for the systematic review was developed by complying the guidelines, policies and procedures of the Kitchenham’s Guidelines for performing Systematic Literature Reviews in Software Engineering (Kitchenham et al., 2007) and complemented by the Dybå’s approach (Dybå & Dingsøyr, 2008), as well as by the consultation with specialists on the topic and methods. Succinctly, this protocol establishes: i) the research questions; ii) search strategy; iii) inclusion, exclusion and quality criteria; iv) data extraction; and, v) methods of synthesis.


Systematic Literature Review; Agile Governance; Information Systems; Software Engineering; Agile Enterprise; Agile Project Management

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