Agile Governance as a research topic

Agile Governance is a relatively new, wide and multidisciplinary area focused on organizational performance and competitiveness that needs to be more intensively studied. Hence, the concept of agile governance is gaining attention and evolving over the time as a meaning that is increasingly making sense in different contexts. The socio-technical nature of agile governance is substantiated due we are handling with the understanding of the intersections between technical and social aspects: considering people as agents of change in organizations, in contexts where technology is a key element. Recent studied developed by Luna (2015) has identified that the strength of the evidence found concerning to the state of art of agile governance is low. Thence, any estimation of effect that is grounded on evidence of agile governance from those current researches have low certainty. This evaluation is consistent with the nature of a nascent field and with the fact of this research team be pioneer in an unexplored area, quite lacking of studies.


Objectives: As a result, Agile Governance and their phenomena need to be more intensively studied and might have its boundaries better defined. Absolutely, we can realize that there is a research backlog with topics that need to be tackled. Naturally, researchers and practitioners should work together to define a reciprocal research agenda for new research and practice on this domain, as well as to get closer to the wide spectrum of interest and application identified by Luna et al. (2014) systematic review.


Keywords: Information Systems, Agile Governance, IT Management, Project Management, Software Engineering.

Knowledge area: Computer science, Information Systems, Business & Public Management.

Research support: The authors acknowledge to CNPq, CAPES, PGE-PE, ATI-PE, Brazil’s Science without Borders Program, UBC, NUTES-HC and UFPE by the research support.

Research Partners:


·       FREVO - Fostering Research on managEment and InnoVatiOn -

·       Research Cell focused on Agile Governance (AGC) from Project Research Group[1] (GP2) in Computer Centre (CIn) at Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE).

·       Software Engineering Architecture Laboratory[2] (SEAL-UBC) research group at The University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada.

·       Information Technology on Health (TIS) research group at Telehealth Centre[3] (NUTES) from Clinical Hospital (HC) at UFPE

·       Pernambuco State Information Technology Agency (ATI-PE).

·       Pernambuco Office of the Attorney General (PGE-PE).


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